Thursday, 19 December 2013

Kimchi nabe

A foodie friend came to visit so I decided to cook something special with her. We followed this recipe: and it turned out delicious! Such a great stew for when it is cold outside and want warming up. With the left over kimchi, pork and vegetables I made kimchi fried rice the next day. Pinterest is definitely worth a look when you need inspiration for something different to cook, I normally save photos of recipes only to forget about them later once I realize I never have the ingredients in my cupboard, but this time it worked out really well.

I don't know what it is about spicy hot foods that makes me feel so good during winter, but they always seem to lift my mood. The textures of this dish go really well together, firm tofu is the perfect consistency for a stew like this and I would definitely recommend raiding the frozen section of the Asian supermarkets for very thinly sliced, fatty pork because it really makes a difference to the overall taste.


  1. The things you cook always sound amazing :) I really need to start trying new recipes!

  2. This was soooooooo good♥ Thank you for such a lovely time Hannah! :)