Saturday, 23 February 2013

The day of carbohydrates and the "Flangers"

Started the last day of the half term with a quick run (which lasted about as long as it took me to realize that running ad -5 degrees is not a good idea) and a workout I pulled off pinterest which had me more sweaty and breathless than my usual runs so I should definitely try that again...except I probably won't because I'm a have a wimpishly low pain threshold and it hurt too much.
I had a fresh baguette in my room crying out "EAT ME. DAMN YOU EAT ME." So I decided to go all out on this baby:
I herbed up one egg and one egg white, half an avocado and my beloved shiracha. It was perfect with peppermint tea and kept me totally full until my lunch a couple of hours later. I forgot my camera so I couldn't photograph it, but I bought a smoked salmon, avocado and tomato sandwich on pain du lait with paprika mayo. *drool*  I could only get through half because of rubbish class times (12-6pm with no breaks) so I kept sneaking a bite when the professor wasn't looking. Dammit. Unfinished food can regularly draw tears so it wasn't a good moment for me.

I heard something quite strange a couple of days ago which came back to me when typing about baguettes. I overheard a girl talking about giving up carbohydrates for lent. In France, saying you want to go on a carb free diet is on a par with saying you want to go on a food-free diet. Sure, the vegetables and fruit here are plentiful and delicious but I still see having the freedom to go into the bakery around the corner and saying "Une baguette s'il vous plait!" as a privilege I will be unlikely to get again in my lifetime. Why would anyone want to give it up? WHY?! *Ahem* Confused rant over.

I went to one of my first gigs yesterday and I am happy to say that I was as uncool in my excitement as to be expected from a girl was once staring so hard at a shop window she smacked her head against the window pane. The bands were brilliant, listening to English being sung by people who have a very loose grasp of the English language and therefore what they are singing certainly makes way for something special. The names of bands included the "Flangles" and "The Paddys". Brilliant.

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