Sunday, 24 February 2013

The first omelette that didn't fall to bits when I'm cooking.

When cooking with friends I often just take a step back and observe (generally getting in the way when I lean over the pan because it always smells so good) but doing this and taking hundreds of mental notes means it's just like watching a cooking program (which I'm also addicted to). Yesterday I made an omelette for the first time thanks to Zoe cooking an amazing cheesy omelette a few weeks ago. I know it's crazy that I am a student and have never actually cooked one but I have a love of poached or scrambled eggs which means I always cook them instead. Anyway, this is the result...

I only have half the omelette here because I was eating with a friend (who cooked the courgette, mushroom and onion filling which was what made it so amazing) but I am proud to say I did the flippy egg thing all on my own. The side salad is made up of radish, corn, one small apple, mixed salad leaves and a honey mustard dressing.  
We watched a french film called "Ensemble, C'est Tout" while we ate and I really really recommend this film to everyone. I can't believe I've never seen it before! It's so beautiful and is perfect if you're a romantic and have a thing for Guillaume Canet. I love watching films with friends, someone to hide behind screaming "NOOO HOW CAN SHE DO THAT?!" when the characters do something vaguely unromantic. Watching films cannot be good for me since I get so involved I believe it is actually happening. Great when watching films like "The Princess Bride", not so much with "The Grudge"... 
After planning on going for weeks we made it to see "Silver Linings Playbook" ("Happiness Therapy" if you're in France- still no idea where they get the English titles for these films from). It was AWESOME! I am relieved it had the right ending because I probably have left the cinema a little broken inside if it hadn't. I really don't watch films for them to be realistic. Such a sucker for a romance :) My friends all sighed in disbelief and disgust when I said I wanted to go and see the new G.I Joe, looks like that's one I will have to go and see on my own. I don't expect it to be particularly good, and I'll go and see Terrence Malik's "The Wonder" to restore my faith in film, but I have a long held soft spot for action films so I will forgive anything, even if it isn't any good, as long as it doesn't take itself too seriously. 

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