Monday, 9 September 2013

Muddle of the past few months.

I had break, a long long break but I'm back now and hopefully back for good unless I get abducted by very determined aliens in which case I am sure everybody will understand.
Update: I moved back to England and moved to Japan within a week, started a part time job as a pool girl and I kept forgetting to take pictures. I am back in England now and gearing myself up for my final year of university.
Rewinding back to France and the dreaded exam period...When revising for my end of year exams it was so easy to fall into snacking rather than eating proper meals so I made an extra effort to cook with friends. I've gotten in to a habit (maybe not the most economical) of picking a large selection of fruit and vegetables at the market at random and often the most interesting looking. It means that dinner is never boring and that I eat a lot healthier than I would if I planned things that I never end up cooking. Keeping quick meals on the stand-by like salad food and couscous means lazy days are never boring ones.
This salad was great with quinoa and it had - carrot, cherry tomatoes, chickpeqs, cucumber, sesame seeds, sultanas, sunflower seeds, balsamic vinaigrette and pinches of salt and pepper. (Great with sriracha sauce) 
After a day spent at the library I had my first proper Rachel Khoo moment when I finally fulfilled my wish of making quiche lorraine in France. I know most people's bucket lists generally include seeing famous monuments, well mine is eating the frenchest food as much as possible and the quiche lorraine is the mother of all French foods. No words are necessary, feel free to just bask in it's golden loveliness.

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