Monday, 12 November 2012

crepes and the creepiest of Christmas decorations.

Well it's been a long day and that can mean only one thing...CREPES! I had one of my first exams today which was stressful enough and after being too lazy to walk the five minutes it takes to get to the supermarket, I'm afraid my fridge is pretty pathetic, so crepes seemed to be the way to go. 
Now, crazy as this may seem after being here for well over two months, this was the first crepe I've had since I've been here. I know, I know, *the shame* but I was waiting for the perfect moment to savour this most holy of French food experiences and believe me, the wait was totally worth it. I was practically hanging over the counter while the crepe lady was spreading out the mixture and every so coolly flipping it over. Everyone tells me that they are so much cheaper when you make them yourself, but I think there is definitely something magical about watching them being made and handed to you all hot and gooey with absolutely no effort on my part. Apart from the difficult business of choosing what flavour to have. Hello ratatouille
(Yes I've already taken a bite out of it, but I did warn about all the half eaten food photos.)

Zoe and I live the same corridor meaning we sort of take it for granted that we can annoy each other whenever we want without actually planning to have a proper chat, we decided to have a proper girly movie night. So she knocked on my door and surprised me with this...

This creepiest of chocolate horses was in the "Christmas" section of the supermarket amongst all the chocolate Santas and reindeer and I ask you this. WHAT WAS IT DOING THERE? Is there some kind of secret link horses have with Christmas that I'm unaware of?! Stand-ins when the reindeer feel like they need a break?  *shudder* Anyway, I'm still confused as to why she saw this and immediately thought about me but I have a feeling the look of horror on my face when she presented it to me is probably the explanation. At least he tasted delicious. For the movie, she brought along these purple crisps (no added colour or preservatives! Hurray!). French movie nights certainly have more exciting snacks...

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    Sorry for bothering you if you didn't intend to join.

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