Sunday, 11 November 2012

tea + cake = productive?

Been a while since I posted anything because I've had lots of work but I still managed to link studying and food. Being stuck inside my room, I am always at my most unproductive and I really lack any kind of motivation.Yesterday, after finding myself looking at Korean dramas on Youtube, enough was enough and I asked a couple of the others if they wanted to go to "Book in a Bar," which is fast becoming my favorite hang-out in Aix, for a revision/tea session. Hello pecan pie and lemon cheesecake. These two cakes aren't mine I'm afraid but the other girls kindly let me take photos. You would think that the cheesecake, which is huge by the way, would have a pretty even biscuit:cream cheese filling ration but no, somehow they managed to make what was effectively a ball of cream cheese encased in a thin biscuit crust. And it was beautiful. The cream cheese was just the right texture, tangy without being too bitter. I was pretty darn happy when it got sent round the table for a taste. We had a bit of a giggle over the slab of lemon which is meant to act as a "garnish" though. Pecan pie was divine as always and it made a second appearance at our study session yesterday. B and I had cornflower tea while Zoe braved "Russian Tea" - vodka and grapefruit flavor! Smelled  pretty special.

Some photos from the inside, and some proof that we actually managed to do some work! The tables are so small that it was a bit cozy with all our hefty textbooks but we managed somehow. It was the best kind of study session, we buckled down and revised in a relaxed atmosphere where time seemed to fly by. What does everyone else need to motivate themselves to study? Tea and conversation seem to be very English study tools to me.

p.s. I forgot to mention the real reason I dragged us all out through torrential downpour to this cafe. I came here the day before after a swimming session with Niamh and when I got back to my flat I realized I had forgotten something...asking if someone had left a damp towel, soap and a bikini behind the day before was a bit embarrassing to say the least. Also, because I had puddles in my shoes from the rain, I'm ashamed to say I went up to the counter to place my order in my socks. The fact they were understanding says something about how lovely they are but I still feel as though I'm giving a very eccentric picture of English girls!

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