Monday, 19 November 2012

the great tart robbery

I had another exam and a truckload of essays coming up and since my last tea-shop revision session was so successful, I decided to try it again. Since I seem to be living at "Book in Bar" these days, this time I paid a visit to my friend on her anthropology research placement. Being a total foodie, she chose a lovely cafe in the small town of Lambesc which is about a 45 minute bus ride from Aix. After dragging myself out of bed at about 6am to get there on time, I warmed myself up on kashmir tchai tea which was served on a slate! Fancy that. The atmosphere was really relaxed apart from the screaming children, the owner has a play room for kids making it really handy for mums to come an have a chat, not so much for people cramming on ancient Greek history. So instead I had tea. Definitely one of my better ideas.
 For lunch I treated myself to a pumpkin, carrot and Jerusalem artichoke tart. Zoe's professor walked in just as we were ordering, I wasn't sure whether to choose this tart or not (I had never had Jerusalem artichoke before and was intrigued but slightly nervous about finally finding a food I didn't like) but when it turned out there was only one left and he seemed pretty keen on it, did I graciously offer it to him? No. I was sneaky and snapped it up as quick as I could. MWAHAHAHAHAHA. I know I should have been generous but when it comes to stuff like this (i.e. food) all my generosity goes out the window. And anyway, the tart was totally worth stealing, I don't get many chances to have pumpkin in England, and whenever I read American food blogs all the raving about something called canned pumpkin makes me curious and jealous. So there you go, I couldn't just leave it could I?
 I was too full for dessert unfortunately but check out the beautiful lemon and poppy seed cake Zoe made! My favorite tea was the genmaicha which tasted like popcorn. It is the only flavor which has come close to ones I have had in Japan and I felt so cozy drinking it that I could have easily had another 10 cups. If only Kusmi tea wasn't so pricey. I love going into the shop and just smelling all the boxes of tea like a total weirdo but I'm sure they're pretty used to that now.

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