Wednesday, 31 October 2012

cake logic

Breakfast anyone? Nothing better than apricot and almond, fruit rouges and pistachio, pear and chocolate cake on a cloudy day to cheer everyone up! That and a mug of hot spiced tea. Winter is on its way and I'm loving every cold and rainy day just as much as the sunny ones in summer. We made sure to split each of the cakes very carefully so we could all taste one of each and instead of buying the delicately beautiful creations, we bought the more robust looking cakes so they survived the car journey to our flat. I love cake inspired logic. If the meticulous common sense used with things related to food was applied to everything else in life then everyone would be much happier. The cakes were almost brownie-like in their consistency without any sickly sweetness. We all said that we would try just one piece but once we had finished, everyone predictably sidled up to the box after a second piece. Addictive stuff.

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