Wednesday, 24 October 2012

mexican night and apple pie porridge

Tuesday night was our own version of a mexican fiesta. I had my first ever quesadillas and we improvised a kind of mexican flavoured quinoa for the side (quinoa with salsa, beans, corn, celery, tomatoes and a mountain of mexican spice) topping  it all off with some smushed avocado and lime. They turned out so good and I've now added them to my"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!" list. They were super easy and fast (except when you have a mini pan meaning everything has to be cooked separately and twice of course!) perfect for hungry friends. I see them as the crispier, cheesier and generally more awesome version of the fajita. They may not look the prettiest but this is definitely a case of the taste winning out over aesthetics...

Quesadillas aren't exactly the frenchest of foods, so we compromised with a french film instead as Niamh had bought "Arnacoeur". It is a generic romantic comedy except after watching all our reactions, I think the french idea of romance is very different to that of three English and two Irish girls. Once we all admitted in an awkward moment that we preferred the guy who wasn't even the hero, everything the hero did just seemed to go from bad to worse...
  • stands over and watches her while she is sleeping
  • pays someone to beat her up so he can save her and be re-hired as her bodyguard (!?)
  • forces himself to cry so women fall in love with him
  • is paid by her dad to break her up from her fiance because he is too boring
...pretty sure alarm bells would be ringing.

 By the end of the movie we had all completely lost it and were yelling "NOOO TURN BACK TURN BACK!!! " at Vanessa Paradis when she was running towards her "hero". Looking back we may have got a bit carried away but I don't think I've laughed so hard in a while. The best thing about watching films with friends is that the film doesn't even have to be good for you to enjoy it!

With my lectures being much longer in France, I have to be careful to make sure I have a really sustaining breakfast or my stomach would start growling during class. Awkward. As all my friends would know, breakfasting for me is a serious business. I wake up in the morning just at the thought of having extra cinnamon in a lovely steaming bowl of porridge, so this is what happened in my room this morning at 7am...
I added apple compote to my porridge with soy milk, cinnamon and honey.
Two things everyone should know:
1. Compote should be put on everything and lots of it
2. France is compote crazy

 Aisles in supermarkets here are dedicated to every flavour of compote you could possibly think of - from apple to cinnamon and fig flavour. When I added it to porridge however, the result was my morning apple pie. The perfect wake me up so thank you France!

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