Sunday, 14 October 2012

The introductions

Right, not quite sure how to start or put this. Basically I'm a food obsessive who has just been transplanted from my native England to the mother of all food heavens...the south of France. Um. Ok. 

Yeah, that's me. I wasn't joking when I said I love food. I'm the girl who doing one of those "preparation for your study abroad" exercises at uni was asked to put down three things I want to get out of my time as an erasmus student, amongst all the others who put sensible things like 1. To become fluent in French 2. Independence 3. To travel, I put 1. FOOD!!...and then promptly forgot about the other two reasons. To be honest I don't think I had any other reasons to begin with. 

 I should really have started this blog off before or at least a couple of days after arriving here but being pretty disorganised and just plain scared *eek!* I put it off and off until I find myself already here a month! Woah! I don't know exactly what this blog is going to consist of but bear with me and I'm sure I'll figure it all out along the way. Already within my first month here I can't even believe how amazing and important food is here. I have bonded with virtually all my friends here over food, cooking, dining out and just general 4 hour conversations about how amazing food is. Being an international student, I found that the best way to integrate into a country is to embrace what it feeds you, and I'm happy to say that I'm taking this tip very, very seriously.

Aix is exactly how I always imagined France to be from endless movies and television programmes growing up, "Chocolat" anyone? No, infact it's better I think. Before I came here I was given Rachel Khoo's cookbook by one of my friends for my birthday (MOST AMAZING PRESENT EVER) and I was convinced that coming to France would be endless witty banter with the local market stall holders, nipping into the little secret patisserie around the corner and being best friends with the local baker with their perfect pain au chocolats...optimistic you may say? Think again. It's exactly like that so be prepared to be hungry reading this blog. Very hungry indeed.

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