Monday, 15 October 2012

The foodie.

Ok, so I have a confession to make. I see myself as the idea girl when it comes to cooking.  I do love the actually cooking part, but I'm one of those people who tries the "absolutely 100% foolproof" recipes from cookbooks and still ends up crashing and burning spectacularly. Managing to bake a Victoria sponge cake whilst forgetting one of the eggs, vanilla extract, and baking powder being a particularly memorable example.  If you are like me and love trawling through the blogs where "amateurs" come up with eye-wateringly beautiful recipes every time then please for the love of god stop reading this now. In fact, I can even help out and recommend a few you should be looking at:

Enjoy! As for me, I can chop the vegetables, bake cakes when I have access to an oven, and I even managed once to follow Raymond Blanc's french onion soup recipe where he told me to "toast the flour" (?!?!) Coming from the north of England where the only thing I have ever been taught to toast was bread, this a considerable achievement. What I'm trying to say is that, due to an overactive imagination, I have a love of coming up with crazy ideas for food which really should never be inflicted on the general public (hopefully going to try a sweet version of okonomiyaki as a cake alternative at some point with dark chocolate and pear). My style of cooking is pretty much a russian roulette with a good number of total disasters, but also some that actually finish up's to hoping eh? And in fact, that's all part of the fun of cooking!

I do seem to be very lucky in finding the best people to cook with and my cooking experience is saved by friends who always turn out to be cooking gurus. I guess I'm just using this blog as a way of documenting my learning process, catastrophes and all.
Eating wise, I have absolutely no problems whatsoever. None. I've even discovered the secret of eating out...lunching! Dining out can be really expensive in Aix for the average student but I have been taking advantage of the much more affordable way of tasting the amazing food on offer here without having to clean out my savings. Something I am worryingly willing to do in the name of food.

p.s. When I was in the local Carrefour supermarket (France's answer to England's Tesco) just about to pick up some orange juice, when I came across this...
The thought of the effort they went to in order to create a fully lighted "Energy Zone" around the Red Bull section sums up quite a lot about the random cuteness you encounter when living in France I think.

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